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Blue Hill yogurt

Department: Dairy & Frozen / Posted on April 7, 2015

Blue Hill YogurtBlue Hill yogurt

New savory yogurt from Blue Hill farms. What we love best about this yogurt, besides that it’s from grass-fed cow milk and locally-sourced vegetables: It’s so delicious as a mix-in!

We love to pair the Butternut Squash flavor with a baked sweet potato.

For ideas, go to In the Kitchen.


Calling all chocolate lovers

Department: Artisan Foods / Posted on March 2, 2015

Mast Brothers ChocolateMast Brothers artisanal chocolate

Calling all chocolate lovers. The Mast Brothers chocolate has landed at OA.

What is this? We’re talking about fresh, artisanal chocolate made by two brothers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 2007.

Rick and Michael Mast work magic with cacao pods and sugar. Or is it science? Maybe just a little science. But such tasty magic!

Read more about what they do at Julia Moskin’s Recipe Lab from the New York Times Dining page.

Come find the Mast Brothers chocolate at our store!

DIY Raw Almond Milk

Department: Artisan Foods / Posted on January 31, 2015

Milkman DIY Raw Almond Cacao MilkMilkman DIY Raw Almond Cacao Milk – makes 1 quart milk

Now you can make your own fresh, nutritious milk – containing all the nutrients your body needs, and without preservatives and additives found in boxed milks!

This kit is surprisingly simple, with just a few steps. Once made, you can use your milk for drinking pure, or for baking and cooking.

All tools are included: Instructions, 1 quart mason jar, 1/2 lb raw organic almonds, pink Himalayan salt, raw organic cacao powder, reusable nut milk bag.

(Not included: Blender, strainer and refrigerator. You’ll have to come up with those items.)

Find this in our baking section! Dee-lish!

Plantlife for the new year

Department: Home & Garden / Posted on January 6, 2015

Lone Pine Gardens 3Succulents from Lone Pine Gardens

Ring in January with fresh succulents from Sonoma County.

Make sure you have a spot  in your home that receives full sunlight for most of the day, and come on in to choose the succulents that call out to you!

These – of course – make great gifts. Like for Valentine’s Day. Any day. Just sayin’.




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Solar Panel Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: APRIL 11th


Join Re-VOLV, SunWorks and Other Avenues for our Solar Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Saturday, 4/11, 1-3pm. The ceremony will take place next door at the Sunset Youth Center!


OA 36kW solar panel system


bike parked at parkletOA Film


What does it mean to share a successful, 40-year old grocery cooperative with 20 co-owners and apprentices in the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco?


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