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Pears & then some more pears

Department: Produce / Posted on July 27, 2014

bartlett pearsCertified organic Bartlett pears

The quintessential pear: The Bartlett!

Let your pears ripen to a soft yellow, or slice them thinly for a crunchy addition to most salads.


Enter the fig.

Department: Produce / Posted on July 24, 2014

figsCertified organic figs: Black, Brown Turkey, Calimyrna.

Sweet, glittering, moist – this is the time to eat a fig or more.

In our produce section!

new local grab ‘n go handcrafted eats

Department: Grab & Go / Posted on June 19, 2014

floating lettucefloating lettuce – handcrafted eats


We’re excited about floating lettuce, our latest new vendor in the Grab ‘n Go section.

Jean-Paul and Rebecca, the creators, make small batches of organic deliciousness. A veritable symphony of flavors come through with each light & fully satisfying bite!

And just in time for our new parklet! Enjoy a gorgeous view of the Pacific while you also enjoy the floating lettuce handcrafted eats.


Please note: We sell many more floating lettuce than what’s pictured! Like, those treats — the buckettes, so very yummy with an organic jam spread or coconut butter.

The champagne of almond milk

Department: Dairy & Frozen / Posted on April 16, 2014

Milkman almond milk 2Milkman raw almond milk


The Milkman‘s fresh & local almond milk is not your typical shelf-stable factory almond milk, chock full of preservatives & additives.

With The Milkman’s milk, freshly cracked, sweet young coconut water complements the raw almonds.

What you taste is something absolutely out of this world!

High in minerals (like calcium) and also high in electrolytes.

This is the perfect thirst-quencher for everyone.


Check out our Fall Newsletter! 


Fall 2014 newsletter screenshot


OA’s stance against Eden Foods


Our Grocery Dept. has issued a statement regarding its decision to stop carrying Eden Foods, in lieu of recent events.


(Read here for our mission statement & buying guidelines.)



New to OA: Culinary Plants for Sale


Plants for sale at OA

Choose from strawberry, lemon verbena, basil, among others…


Questions about plant care? Ask us!


Several of us are gardeners and know a thing or two about good dirt & the good stuff that grows from it.


This just happened: Our finished parklet!


public parklet sign


Parklet Wood Burn



This could be your name, burned into our future parklet.





Sugar BirdOA Film


What does it mean to share a thriving, 40-year old grocery cooperative with 20+ co-owners in the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco?


Find out a little bit here »


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OA party poster

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