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For a number of years, Other Avenues has been a proud provider of certified organic fruits and vegetables for Francis Scott Key Elementary School’s Harvest of the Month program.

Every month, from September until May, the kindergarteners and third graders of Francis Scott Key learn five facts about a particular fruit or vegetable, visit classrooms of all 500+ students, give a presentation and hand out that month’s produce for the students to enjoy.

In the past, the Harvest of the Month produce has been Satsuma tangerines for the Lunar New Year.

This month’s vegetable for January is Rainbow Carrots.  All the K-5 students of FSK will get a little taste!

We look forward to a continuing fruitful relationship with FSK.


Our 36kW Solar Panel System


RE-volv, a local company dedicated to people-empowered solar energy movement, helped us fund our 36kW solar panel system.

In turn, Other Avenues is paying back RE-volv, investing in other community solar projects through the revolving fund.

SunWork and the RE-volv staff installed the panels, and two friendly PG&E workers gave the “ok” to turn on our panels.

Some stats:

In our first year, we will save 12% on our electric bill, and 30% by 2020. This amounts to a savings of $335,000 during the 20-year warranty period. Additionally, by year 20, the lease revenues will fund an additional three solar-energy systems for community-based non-profit and collective institutions!

For your deep, inner geek (or your proud outward geek), here are two links to monitor our solar panels. Click on the “Graphics” link to take you to the performance history.

Unit 1

Unit 2




 ”We are a coop, we have a coop, we can just spread our cooperative un-self-consciously into the economy.” -OA worker, 2012

By being a cooperative, part of our job is to make cooperatives an alternative to the dominant market. We focus on people, on workers & their rights, and on finding business solutions that continue to enhance all of our lives.

In the U.S., there are 30,000 cooperatives – and they all operate under the Seven Cooperative Principles.


Putting People First

That’s what we’re about. We care about ourselves, and make sure that we take care of our rights as workers and as humans. We care about the people involved in the food industry – such as farmworkers, our delivery drivers, and workers for small and large corporations serving the food and health industry.  Many of the choices we make, as a business, in choosing what food and other products we carry stems from putting people first.

Our deep commitment continues into our community of San Francisco’s Outer Sunset district, as we thrive into our 40th year!

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